Welcome to Innerheight.com

Innerheight Engineers, builds, hosts and runs State of the art Database driven web applications. To give you an idea about what I do, check out the following links:


Like I said, I create web based applications, the harder the problem, the more fun building it.
A list of services I provide:

The combination of these technologies and services translate into a complete product from your mind to my answer.
I don't do Web-design or copywriting, focus on what you can, allow others to do their part.

Since the web is the fastest changing thing on the planet

I take great pride in keeping up with most of the relevant technologies to make your program or website a succes, now, when its ready to hit the market, and in the future.
My work always complies to the valid standards for each and every technology in use, and because of that has a very long life time, no longer will a new browser (like the new IE8) wreck havoc on even the most basic features of your product.
Any browser, any platform, giving you and your clients the freedom you might one day need so badly.