Services provided by Innerheight

Innerheight provides a whole range of high tech internet services, below you will find a list of buzzwords which should make any manager drool, but I feel a small paragraph would explain better.
I provide programming services, I primarily program web based software. This software usually needs to be cross platform, interact with dozens of third party websites, api's and servers, and usually spans more than one front-end website.
Almost all of the software I write runs on multiple servers, can handle fast amounts of traffic, and is designed to provide a complete workflow accessible trough any web-browser for both the end user and the customer.
While simple websites are a part of building web-applications I usually work with designs from third party graphics designers. All web-sites feature a strict design and functionality seperation allowing the design to be altered later on.
By using state of the art, standards compliant and non obtrusive javascript, xhtml and css I provide compatibilty for most web-browsers and search engines.
Since security is highly important for online applications to thrive, each and every application goes through a set of tests while being written with security in mind. Security is not a by-product.
Innerheight provides hosting, clustering, backup and connectivity services for all products developped.

Services listed: